Kodi is the next big thing is the industry, so here we are!

Hello and welcome to Kodi Advices Portal.

Kodi Advices is a tech blog which is solely focused on Kodi App. We primarily target everything related to Kodi like tips, tricks and how to tutorials.

One can easily find the solution to their problems here at, Kodi Advices. We browse nearly every place to know the latest and unique problems peoples are facing related to Kodi and try to solve the problems separately.

How we got started?

As we manage other tech blogs as well, we keep getting queries related to Kodi App which we were not feeling too good to email everyone in private and suggesting the same solution again and again to readers.

There may be a lot of users facing the same problems and but not getting any solution to their problems. And what if they don’t know about us?

Then, this idea came to us. We decided to open a dedicated blog on Kodi App and its characteristics and help everyone on it.

Our Goal :

Our main solo is to reach everyone on the planet and help them. We are continuously working on it to make it largest online portal about Kodi App.

Hope you will help us. Come and Be a helper.


Kodi Advices Team.